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Travel the world. Be welcomed into someone’s home. Immerse yourself in their local culture. Invite travelers from other places into your own home and proudly share your culture with them.

Since 1977, the travel exchange movement pioneered by Friendship Force International has given people the unique opportunity to connect in ways that transcend boundaries to promote goodwill, respect, and understanding.

This kind of intimate, life changing experience may not be for everyone, but for thousands of Friendship Force members worldwide, the personal relationships we’ve established are a powerful and authentic way to impact positive change and empathy around the world.

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Where do you want to be an ambassador? What country or culture are you hoping to explore? Where do you want to live like a local and live with the locals?

Explore our journeys below to decide how and where you want to make an impact on the world.

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Stories of Friendship

On this trip, there were people from other countries (Germany and Taiwan) and people from different parts of the U.S. (California, Texas, New Jersey, Louisiana) and Canada. I believe that by staying in people's home and by sharing meals at dinner parties, etc., one has the opportunity to get to know people much better. Sharing conversation and life experiences helps us to appreciate what makes each of us unique, but also helps us to see that we are all very much alike. It helps to broaden our way of thinking, thus promoting a better understanding between different cultures.
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Featured story

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People travel for many reasons: To escape the monotony of their everyday life. To explore diverse landscapes. To relax and recuperate.

Within Friendship Force, we travel for all of those same reasons. But we’re also on a quest for something else, something bigger and better than ourselves.

We’re in search of true cultural understanding in a world rife with uncertainty. We see opportunities to present our own culture in unique and unexpected ways. We strive towards a common ground that we know exists among mankind. We believe that through travel and hosting, we have the opportunity to make our world a better place.

Join us on this quest and learn more about the world...

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