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2022 Policies and Guidelines for Clubs and Programs

The policies and guidelines contained in this document have been approved by the FFI Board of Directors to govern all Friendship Force program activity. UPDATED March 2022 with new language to policies approved by the International Board of Directors.

Journey Guidelines for Ambassador and Host Coordinators

Ambassador and Host Coordinators are some of the most important and rewarding Friendship Force leadership roles. As an Ambassador or Host Coordinator, you are the “face” of FFI.

Ambassador Selection Packet

Before accepting participants, ambassadors and hosts must be vetted, or screened, to ensure the best possible Journey experience.

Host Packet

Before accepting hosts, the host coordinator should know about the accommodations and the host’s current ability to relate appropriately to the guest ambassador.

Health & Mobility Checklist

Ambassador and host coordinators need to communicate about the level of physical activity required during their Journey and the ability of ambassadors to meet those requirements.

Ambassador Application and Agreement

Information to help FFI and Ambassador Coordinators select ambassadors who are representative of their community and FFI's mission to make the world a more peaceful place.

Aplicacion Y Compromiso Del Embajador

Un journey de Friendship Force ofrece una oportunidad para que personas de diferentes partes del mundo compartan sus vidas en un espíritu de amistad. El éxito de la experiencia depende de la medida en que los participantes puedan construir amistades, ejercer flexibilidad, adaptarse a dificultades imprevistas y promover la comprensión.

Ambassador and Host Matching Form

Used to collect information including age, gender, special needs, (diet, smoker, allergies, etc.,) and interests of ambassadors and hosts to create the best possible match-ups.

Matching de Embajadores y Anfitriones

Se utiliza para recopilar información que incluye edad, sexo, necesidades especiales (dieta, fumador, alergias, etc.) e intereses de embajadores y anfitriones para crear los mejores emparejamientos posibles.

Host Application Agreement

The following information is needed to help Friendship Force International select hosts who are representative of their community or region.

Dietary Requirement Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to clubs on what to do if an ambassador joining one of your Journeys has a specific dietary requirement or you are hosting an ambassador with dietary requirements.

Incident Report Form

Used to report emergency incidents, including information about hospitalization, encounters with legal authorities, etc., as well as action taken by local club leaders.

Global Journey Evaluation (Globally-recruited or Themed Journeys)

Please fill out this form if you participated in a globally-recruited Themed Journey.

Journey Evaluation (International or Domestic Club-to-Club Journeys)

Please fill out this form if you participated in a Club-to-Club Journey, whether domestic or international.

Évaluation séjour Friendship Force (Français)

Évaluation séjour Friendship Force (Français)

Request for Certificate of Liability Insurance Coverage (COI)

Friendship Force International carries liability insurance covering all chartered clubs in the U.S. for official club and Journey-related events. If proof of insurance is required by the facility managers you are working with in your community, please complete this form to receive the necessary documentation.

How to Complete a Fillable PDF Form

Please review the following instructions for successfully completing the fillable PDF form.
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