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FFI Photography Club Clusters Announces 2019 Photography Program Themes

By: Rozlynn Worrall, Volunteer Coordinator, FFI Photography Club Clusters, Member of FF Sacramento, California, USA

Photo by Takashi Takagaki from Tokyo. FF Sacramento co-teaching ESL classes in Japanese middle school.

Are you interested in photography? Would you like to learn and practice your skills with other Friendship Force members and take stunning, story-telling, and newsworthy photographs? Most of all, do you love Friendship Force and want to grow the Friendship Force membership by showing the rest of the world what we do and how we work to create peace through friendship.

Start or join an FFI Photography Club Cluster (FFIPhotoCC). FFIPhotoCC offers free online photography programs, resource links, and calendar reminders for FFI Photography Club Cluster members. For more information, take a look at “Develop a Photo Cluster with a Purpose in your Club” on the Member Resources page

Two programs available through FFIPhotoCC are the “Monthly FOCUS (MF)” and the “Quarterly CHALLENGE (QC).” Monthly Focuses build readiness skills each month through learning and practice. Quarterly Challenges challenge photographers of all skill levels each quarter to apply those skills to a Friendship-Force-related theme. You can view all of the 2019 Monthly FOCUS themes on the FFIPhotoCC Share Site.

Four Quarterly CHALLENGES provide FFIPhotoCC photographers an ongoing opportunity throughout the year to capture the essence of Friendship Force in their photographs. These Challenges are more abstract and more difficult to capture than the Monthly FOCUS themes. These are more than candid shots. Taking Quarterly Challenge photos takes pre-planning and may need involvement of other club members to produce the backdrop for the photographic and “newsworthy” opportunity to happen.

Planning and producing photographic opportunities during a Journey is a unique way to demonstrate an insider’s experience of what building peace through friendship really looks like. You can show faces and experiences beyond the banners, hugs, group photos, and dinner table toasts. Another way to find an opportunity for excellent photos is to attend or participate in larger community events. These may not only bring together diverse ethnicities, age groups, and genders for rich image backgrounds and subjects, but also may attract local news agencies and potential new members.

The Quarterly Challenges for 2019 are:
  • QC1: “Faces not Places”
  • QC2: “Acts of Kindness”
  • QC3: “Shared Experience”
  • QC4: “Service to Others”

When three people from the same club express an interest in FFIPhotoCC and sign up, those three members will receive an invitation to join the FFIPhotoCC Share Site on Shutterfly, where cluster organizers will find ideas, resources, and specific albums to upload and share their cluster’s 3-5 best photos in each category.  

Beginners through expert photographers with a camera phone, tablet, automatic preset camera, or Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR) are welcome whatever their skill level. The only requirement is that members are motivated to become better photographers, not only for personal use, but also as FFI volunteer photographers who can capture the essence of Friendship Force to share with the world.

The FFIPhotoCC Share Site is up and running. A comprehensive program with resources is ready. What’s missing now are more clubs to participate!

Last year, 61 individuals from around the world expressed an interest in FFI Photography Club Clusters, resulting in six FFI Photography Club Clusters that have been issued invitations to the  FFIPhotoCC Shutterfly Share Site. Four more clusters need just one member to become a cluster, and single members of five clubs are interested.  Are you interested?

Clusters start by simply signing up – we hope you will join us in 2019!
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