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Featured Club of the Quarter: FF Sacramento Blazes Trail for FFI Photography Club Clusters

By: Rozlynn Worrall, Volunteer Coordinator, FFI Photography Club Clusters, Member of FF Sacramento, California, USA

Editor’s Note: FFI Photography Club Cluster Volunteer Coordinator Rozlynn Worrall, wrote the following article to highlight the successes and fun her club has had with their vibrant Photography Club Cluster, “The Shutterbugs.” This initiative allows FF members interested in photography to learn and practice skills with each other in their own club and through a wider Friendship Force network. Read below to find out what this group does and how your club can form one and learn more about photography too!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” –Lao Tzu

Sacramento Shutterbugs photo shooting on a nature safari

The FF Sacramento Photography Club Cluster Shutterbugs have been the trailblazers for the FFI Photography Club Cluster initiative in 2018, meeting on a regular basis since last year to collaboratively teach one another about the elements of composition, genre, taking photographs, and uploading photos to their club cluster’s FF Sacramento Shutterbugs/Shutterfly Share Site.  

Leading a new program has been an adventure, and no adventure comes about without some twists, turns, and hills to climb. The biggest challenge for any innovative group is to find a way that breaks a new trail alongside the tried and true. It first, takes commitment to the FFI mission and the goal to spread the word and share the images of Friendship Force. Here are some details on how FF Sacramento has developed a successful Photography Club Cluster!

Communications: One of the FFI Sacramento Shutterbugs advantages is access to our club’s website powered by Wild Apricot that has an Upcoming Event Registration page with automatic reminders to members. This has been extremely helpful to leaders to plan for setup and to members who wish to carpool to a meeting. The registration page lists attendees, thereby assisting those interested in carpooling to the meeting.

FF Sacramento also produces a monthly digital newsletter that usually includes an article on the Photo Cluster’s activities, shares their photography, and encourages and welcomes new members throughout the year. Through their attendance and participation in Photo Cluster meetings, Regional Field Representatives, club president, club vice president, and activities director have all communicated their enthusiasm and support of the FFIPhotoCC initiative.

Meeting the Needs of Members: FF Sacramento Shutterbugs now have 8 – 15 active members, with wide ranging photography and editing skill levels from beginners to advanced.  Two-thirds of the cluster use a phone or tablet as their primary camera, one-third use small automatic preset cameras or Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras.  

Leading meetings in 2018 rotated between four cluster leaders. Each leader utilized the Monthly Focus and Quarterly Challenge to frame the content of the meetings drew on the resources provided from the FFIPhotoCC Share Site or created their own agenda.  

While it has been a challenge to find a location suitable for most and with proper projection equipment to share photos with one another, we have found a local pizza restaurant that fits the bill – complete with good food and two large HDTVs to display videos and photos.

To accommodate member requests, the FF Sacramento Photography Cluster will be integrating more flexibility into meetings dates with more photo shoots and meshing times with regular activities and general meeting days. This year, the Shutterbugs are also trying out online meetings in addition to in-person meetings to allow for more remote participation and facilitate meetings of special interest groups within the Club Cluster.

FF Clubs interested in forming a photography cluster are invited to contact the FF Sacramento Shutterbugs at [email protected] and to check out their FF Sacramento Shutterbugs Share Site which is patterned after the FFIPhotoCC Site. Members are having fun, attracting  new members into the cluster, and producing some wonderful photographs.

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