Best Practice Resources for Leaders

New Member Orientation

As a new member, welcome! We are very glad you joined us, and we want your membership to be a rewarding experience!

Membership Recruitment: Taupo Experience Membership Project

Friendship Force Taupo developed a Membership Recruitment programme which resulted in obtaining 21 new members. Three other clubs in New Zealand have also used this programme and obtained 34, 17 and 12 members respectively.

Membership Recruitment: The Taupo Experience PPT

A powerpoint presentation on the Taupo Experience Membership Project.

Theme Planning: Ideas & Guidelines

Some ideas and guidelines as you begin the planning your themed Journey - it is a big project, so the more information you have before beginning, the better prepared you will be.

How To Keep Your Members Engaged

Create a new "recipe" for your club!.

Engaging the Next Generation Powerpoint

Understanding generational differences and travel trends as tools for engaging the next generation.

Ideas and Guidelines for Leading an Outbound Global Journey

The one thing which defines a Global Journey is that you are responsible for both aspects. You will be both the ambassador and host coordinator, and these guidelines will help you to prepare for everything that this will mean to you.

Guidelines for Hosting Global Themed Journeys

What are global Journeys and how do they work?

100 Recruitment Ideas for Your Friendship Force Club

100 ideas for bringing new members to your club.

Assessment and Action Plan by FF New Zealand

How is your club doing? This is a three-part exercise to prepare a plan to take your club into the future. It is important that you play your part.

Develop a Photo Cluster

Engage your Members. Attract New Members. Capture the essence of Friendship Force through your lens.

Using Media Relations to Grow Club Membership

Using public relations and news media to tell the FFI story to potential members.

News Media Release Template

News media release template showing how to construct press releases.

Make me a Match! Powerpoint Presentation

Learn how both inbound and outbound Friendship Force Journeys are created and assigned.

Sample INBOUND Planning Request Form

You will receive two separate online forms to complete as part of the Journey matching process. This first form will allow you to list your club’s inbound hosting availability.

Sample OUTBOUND Planning Request Form

This is the final form that needs to be completed for the Journey matching process. This form gives you the ability to request outbound Journey destinations.
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